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Having devoted my entire life to photography, being able to give something back to the community that I love is very satisfying. When I created my web site I was inundated with questions on how to get started in photography, so I created a page on how to become a professional photographer. This page answers the questions I get asked most frequently. Of course this is only my opinion and I advise all aspiring photographers to surround themselves with lots of advice before jumping in to this difficult but rewarding career Similarly my article on how to get started as a model was in response to the overwhelming requests for advice from aspiring models. Once again I advise all models embarking on this appealing yet frustrating career path to solicit advice from other professionals including models, photographers modeling agents etc.
What you see below is a tiny sampling of the letters of appreciation that we receive every day from all over the world.

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Small sample of the hundreds of letters of appreciation from our modeling clients.

This is just a small sampling of letters that have been written by photographers expressing their gratitude for the article I wrote on how to become a professional photographer.

Danny, it was very cool for you to take your valuable time to help a fellow photographer. Your kindness is probably one of the reasons you have such a successful business. As a Nikon man already and the image quality it looks like the D2x is my camera of choice. I'll share your link with all my friends in Florida and Chicago. If there's any way I could help you let me know. Thanks again,

Hi Danny, I was browsing your site and I am so impressed with the professionalism of your image and also your work. I am a photographer myself and I am located in Tallahassee. I see that you are firmly established and I hope someday to get my operations to a point where we can be as multi-faceted as yours is. You offer all sorts of photography and I hope my organization can get to that point eventually. I just wanted to tell you your site is awesome. Thank you,

Dear Danny. First off, let me say that you have produced a lot of stunning images over the years. I just discovered your website by accident and even though I have not seen all the pictures, I have to tip my hat. Wonderful photographs to say the least. One of the articles especially caught me eye: How to become a professional photographer. It is very good to see that a few self taught photographers can become pro photographers. Your tips are quite helpful and I will be checking out the rest of the website soon. Regards,
Vasco Garcia

Danny, you are an Absolute Godsend.... meaning you were presented to me at the exact moment I needed! I'm new in the photography world and while researching my new professional love I found your page! And the How To Become A Professional Photographer said so many things that I needed to hear and really inspired me to continue in this direction! I have continued to refer back to your site as a reference and guideline. I wish there were more people like you in the world that weren't so afraid to help others learn, this place would be a whole lot better! You are a MASTER Teacher and I say THANK YOU over and over again. Your work is fantastic and your website is just as great. Super professional and very informative. Thank you AGAIN SO MUCH
Todd Anthony Photography

Mr. Steyn, I just wanted to take a moment to say thanks for the advice that you have on your web site. I'm already an established photographer, however, I am always learning. I found your site by a Google search for wedding contracts. The knowledge that you share about the industry is priceless and any photographer, whether novice or seasoned professional should be honored that you share it. I feel like a better photographer having read it. Thanks again!
Michael Strider

Hi Mr. Steyn, My name is Samantha Bruce. I'm only 16 years old. I've just found my true love in photography. I read your advice on how to become a photographer and travel photography seems like a brilliant idea for me. Taking photos of the outdoors has always been my strong point. Thanks for the advice, love your photographs. You're an amazing photographer. Sincerely,
Samantha Bruce

Danny, I have enjoyed photography for many years and recently have thought about doing it as a career but like many others didn't know where to begin. Your web site has helped me a lot. Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you.
Trish McKinney

Hi Danny, I just wanted to tell you how helpful I found your site - I've been a keen photographer for many years but it's only just recently that I've decided to make it my profession and I'm trying to find out everything I can to help - many photographers are very cagey about their profession and do not encourage new people into it - but your attitude seems just great to me - and has totally inspired me! Many thanks
Shar Daws

Dear Mr. Steyn, I wanted to say, “Thank you.” Your candor and encouragement in the article HOW TO BECOME A PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER on your website were inspirational, and have refilled me with a confidence. My love of photography has driven me to want more from it, to become a professional, but I wasn’t sure how to take that first step. You have not only given me direction, but confirmed that I was already on the path. So, once again, thank you,
Wendy Butzer

Dear Danny. My name is Tom Doyle and I am a 19-year old filmmaker, from the Worcestershire area of the UK. My reason for writing to you is to say that I've recently read an article written by you on 'how to become a professional photographer' and I thought it was extremely inspiring and it gave me very beneficial advice. The detail you went into for aspiring photographers was fantastic and made me want to further my pursuit with those skills in composition and in lighting in particular. Once again, thanks for your inspiring piece. Really great.
Tom Doyle

This is just a small sampling of letters that have been written by models to express thanks for the article I wrote on how to become a professional model.

Hi Danny, I read your article and I'm just writing to thank you for writing an article to genuinely help aspiring models, rather than attempting to gain money from them or dash their hopes! Several other websites I've visited has promised immediate fame and stardom ...after paying their joining fees, paying more for their modeling classes and signing exclusive contracts both with the agency and their photographer. Your article was very helpful - thank you!

Danny, Your article was so helpful to me. I have a twelve year old daughter who I am trying to encourage in the right direction towards modeling, etc. You have really inspired me to stay on track with her and to discern the proper moves for her to make towards her career (someday)!
Charmell Kelly

Hi Danny! I was researching important things to know and look out for in the modeling world and I came across your article "How to Become a Professional Model." Your article was extremely helpful. It is so refreshing reading something substantial and inspiring. I wanted to let you know you really helped me as I am just beginning to give this modeling a true shot. I've been contemplating where to start with getting good pictures to start a book for myself. Thanks for such an inspiring article!
Marley Gann

Hi , I'm Fifteen Years Old . My One And Only Dream To Become A Model , It's Very Hard To Accomplish That Dream Because Me & My Mother Are Struggling In The City Of Chester . I Looked At Some Of Your Work And It Inspired Me To Keeping Trying To Make My Dream Come true . I Think The Pictures You Take Are Amazing ! And The Young Girls You Work With Are Very Lucky :) . I just Want To Say Thank You For Keeping My Dream Alive!
Samara Lisa Veney

I read your page on how to get started in modeling and I wish I read it a year or so ago!! My 12 yr old daughter wants to break in the Modeling / acting world and got suckered right into one of the big name modeling and talent school. Anyway thanks AGAIN I'm so glad people like you take the time to make people like me knowledgeable about this wonderful but scary world!!

Dear Danny! I just wanted to drop a line to say THANK YOU for the inspirational and wise article on How to become a professional model. I came across it quite accidently, actually - just in one of the modeling sites, and it just fired me up! I myself am a petite model from Latvia striving for an international career. And your pieces of advice will be something that I might stick to in a long-term. So I wish you a very happy and dazzling life - every day of it! Thanks once again!
Dace - Riga, Latvia

Hi Mr. Steyn, I am an aspiring model. I know you probably hear from and see all types of 'aspiring model's all the time, but I truly am super passionate about modeling, and I found your article regarding becoming a professional model and it is very helpful. I truly am serious about this; I am very realistic with myself; I try really hard to be as positive, but true to myself as possible. I look for each and every opportunity, spending hours, trying to find something or someone to get help me out. When I found your article, it was so much help. I wanted to say thank you for that. I really hope that I can someday look back and know I accomplished what I wished for so bad. For now, I will continue on my efforts. Thanks again,

Hello! I wanted to thank you for the informative article you've written about becoming a professional model. My entire life people have encouraged me to become a model and I have changed my entire attitude about pursing a professional model career. Time after time I've always said I would go after my dream while not actually doing anything to make it a reality. I am now 20 years old and I've been researching ways to break into the business and I came across your article. I read your article, took plenty of notes in my notebook and I'm now using your article for motivation and guidance in what I know has to be one of the most brutal, time consuming, cut throat industries in the world. I just wanted to inform you that although every photographer, model and others who've worked in the industry has their own opinions, your opinion has provided me with what I BELIEVE, if carefully followed, will not catapult me to the top immediately but give me a slow and steady, continuously progressive step forward in my modeling career – thanks Sincerely,