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Private PHOTOGRAPHY CLASSES and photography workshops

Over the years Danny Steyn has taught a great many photography workshops, has written a book on Nude and Glamour Photography, and taught photography classes to many private students. His approach is fun and refreshing and he is a very engaging instructor with a real passion for the craft of photography. He also has the ability to distill very technical aspects into simple-to-grasp concepts.

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Due to strong demand for private instruction, we have been offering our private one-on-one photography classes on a regular basis for the past 10 years. Our private photography lessons are held in Fort Lauderdale, South Florida. The private photography classes we offer include

Because they are private classes, we can easily tailor the content of the class to suit your specific needs. If there is something specific that you want to cover, all you have to do is ask!

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Designed for beginner photographers, or photographers getting to grips with digital photography. Danny will take you through the basics of digital photography, dealing with the foundation of photography.


  • Lens selection based on subject and content
  • How to properly use your flash


  • Really understanding your histograms
  • Correct selection of aperture and shutter speed depending on your intent
  • Controlling contrast and saturation in ambient light conditions
  • How to properly use fill in flash and how to avoid over-flashed subjects with dark backgrounds


  • What makes a pleasing photograph
  • Developing an eye for composition
  • How to hold your viewers attention
  • What you are shooting and why you need to frame it that way

This course is fun, informative and will ensure that you leave with a good understanding of how to take great photographs.


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This course builds on the content of the basic course, and is designed for the photographer that is already comfortable with his digital equipment, and wants to improve his photography skills. It deals with the creative aspect of photography. Danny will take you through his personal approach to digital photography, and how he creates his winning images.

Developing your eye

  • How to view the everyday scene in a new and creative way
  • How to see things that everyone else misses
  • Understanding how to get your subject to POP

Equipment Selection

  • Plan the shoot and shoot the plan - making sure you get what you came for
  • In depth understanding of focal length, depth of field and selection based on subject and content
  • Using both front and rear curtain with your flash to control your lighting and subject movement
  • Shooting outside the box - breaking all the rules
  • Light manipulation and control - seeing the image through filters in your head

Advanced Composition

  • what makes a pleasing photograph
  • multiple exposures - capturing elements of a composite to piece together

This course is fun, yet intense - you will have a head full of new information and ideas. You will definitely be a better photographer after this course.


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We suggest that you sign up for one of our workshops or private one-on-one classes before you do our Professional Digital Workflow and Photoshop Techniques Module. That way we are able to go through your previously captured images and conduct a complete post-mortem of your shoot. We will identify your best images and examine them for things you did well and for those areas that need work. We will compile a list of criteria that you need to focus on for your next shoot. At our state of the art Workstations (both MAC and PC) we take you through our well established digital workflow that encompasses

  • Digital capture process - why we use the software we do
  • Image selection and tagging - making it easier on yourself
  • Image naming and keyword selection - having instant access to your images
  • Image editing in Photoshop using several specific plug ins and techniques
  • Image archiving and backup - the most critical aspect of Digital Photography!!!!

We will also select a couple of your best images and take them for a journey through our specialized Photoshop workflow including our trademark airbrushing techniques, and make sure that you have world class images at the end of your lessons.


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This course is designed for the photographer that wants the pride (and income) that comes with being a published photographer. Danny explains how to get your images published in the world’s leading magazines. With over 5,000 images published in magazines ranging from Playboy to Penthouse to Sports Illustrated, Danny has mastered the secrets of giving magazine editors exactly what they want. Come and learn how he makes it easy to be published every month. Become a successful published photographer.

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