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Professional Sport Photography by Danny Steyn. Danny has been a competitive sportsman his whole life. As you will see from his professional sport photography showcased in these pages his sporting interest lies in the individual sport, not in team oriented games.

From his early days as a successful track and field runner with several State and National successes, Danny mover on to more extreme sport.

While at University Danny started racing motocross and supercross, eventually winning the State title in 1983. His extensive professional sport photography of the South African motocross scene has appeared in the most hallowed of sports magazines, Sports Illustrated.

An unfortunate motocross accident in 1984 resulted in Danny lapsing into a coma for eight days while they kept him alive in the hospital ICU. Several operations later Danny was back on the motocross circuit but he was never quite up to his former speed.

From motocross, Danny switched to the equally thrilling sport of competitive windsurfing, culminating with the South African National Windsurfing Championship title in 1992. Danny still competes today and has won several Caribbean windsurfing titles.

Danny's feature articles and professional sport photography on all sports appear regularly in the worlds premier windsurfing magazines.

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